Pets at The Point

The Point and Pets

Pets are welcome, subject to the following

1. Pets are not to be left inside unattended. There are three secure options for pets when you are not on the premises.

A. The back yard area- offers two grassed areas, with a paved courtyard between the grass areas and a deck. Area approx 100 m2. Area 2 on the plan
B. The front deck – A huge area -some 100 m2, accessed ONLY from the house. This area has shade. Area 1 on the plan
C– The Garage – a large area – appox 54 m2 , ideal during inclement weather or during winter. Area under bedrooms 3,4 & 5

2 .   Pets are NOT to be washed in the two bathroom baths. There is a large sink in the laundry for washing,if need be.

3      Pets are not to sleep in bedrooms overnight. Night sleeping options are the deck, the garage , the laundry or outside.

  1.  A $1,000 security bond is required, by way of credit card pre- authorisation,  24 hours from  arrival.

Any “wee” issues automatically get charged a minimum cleaning fee of $200.( Alas, this has already happened)- if the carpet stain can not be removed completely then the whole room re-carpeting will be at your expense. Note that all doors on the property are cedar – so If you have a dog that likes to scratch, maybe its best somewhere else is found !!



Pets plan





Brendan & Kim Neville
The Point – Jindabyne  –
without peer

0407 572 007

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