Where we are,

Where we are,

jindy town excelent a bJust in case Mr GPS does not behave !!

Distances  courtesy of Google Maps

All – To “The Point”Tyrolean Village  by road

From Sydney and in between –

Cronulla, Maroubra, Manly ,Newport – between 450 klms and 480 Klms
Sydney                  457 klms
Liverpool             423 klms
Canberra              173 klms (incl Canberra airport)
Cooma                  56.7 klms
Berridale              22.8 klms
Jindabyne               7 klms

Capitals and large towns
Wagga Wagga     310 klms   (4 hrs)
Nowra                    344 klms   (4.5 hrs)
Wollongong         413 klms   (4.5 hrs )
Bathurst                470 klms   (5.5hrs)
Melbourne            586 klms   ( 7hrs) via Albury, Khancoban, Alpine way .( when open )
or     647 klms(7.5.hrs) via Bairnsdale, Cooma Jindabyne.( if Alpine Way
closed due to heavy snow)
Newcastle           607 klms
Coffs Harbour    978 klms
Adelaide           1288 klms
Hobart               1321 klms
Brisbane            1370 klms
Perth                  3790 klms
Darwin               4122 klms
Los Angeles     23546 klms

Matters of fact-

Driving in the Snow – For vehicle preparation and driving tips please go to

 Entry to the Kosciusko National Park

The point is located approximately 40 klms from either ski resort namely Thredbo or Perisher. The two resorts are accessed  via different roads simply 10 klms from The Point, via Jindabyne township, you come to a T intersection – straight ahead takes you to Perisher / ( which includes Smiggin Holes & Guthega), turn left to go to ski tube ( a through mountain train accessing Perisher.) and Thredbo.

Both resorts are in the Kosciusko National park and require a vehicle entry pass. It is $27 from the start of the June long weekend to the end of the October long weekend, and $16 throughout the rest of the year

An annual car pass is $190.00 . For full pricing  and other tid bits re entry fees,.

Road Conditions 

Look up      
Call                        National Parks & Wildlife Tourist Office  (02) 6450 5600
or   RTA traffic information line on 132 701. Select option 1 for road closures from storms, snow and ice etc and then option 1 again for
Southern NSW. This will
take you straight to the conditions for the Snowy Mountains

Listen                   Radio 2 xl AM 918,  FM 94.7 / FM 96.30 / Country Radio FM 88
ABC                        AM 810 . FM 95.5

Via the Alpine Way–  A spectacular, tar sealed road full of twists and turns. If travelling during winter, Snow chains are required. Local road information can be found as noted above in Road Conditions.

From Jindabyne to Thredbo.

Snow chains are not required, but it is advisable to carry them. You can hire chains in many places, but Cooma, Berridale and Jindabyne. YOU VERY VERY rarely need chains outside of the Alpine Way. It is advised you actually do a “dry run” in fitting your chains. At the risk of stating the obvious, tyre size is important .So don’t borrow chains unless they are your tyre size.

YOU MUST carry properly fitting chains to travel to Persiher.( 4 wheeel drives excepted)

Parking in Thredbo

Thredbo has 2500 car parking spaces, and parking it is FREE . Some  parking areas are for overnight parking, other areas for day trippers.

Parking is free at Perisher, Smiggins and Guthega, but overnight parking IS NOT allowed. You must be out by midnight.

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