One Hit Wonder

For the brave , only.

Thredbo hosted the One Hit wonder , once again this September.

This event is all about the biggest jump in the Southern Hemisphere, an international, invitation only event, the first of the World tour Big Air Events for the 2013/ 2014 season, an excellent Winter Olympics warm up and offering a very handy prize pool.

What is it – its a ski jump where you sail some 95 – 100 feet through the air, doing tricks to impress the judges, at around 50 klms per hour .You then have to land with your skis pointing downhill ( mostly). Simply, not for the faint hearted – hence and invitation only for the worlds elite big air performers – inlcuding a 13 year old Jindabyne local – Tom Waddell.

2013 saw a cold day, snow / sago showers, wind gusts to 80 klms per hour and changing visibility with scudding low cloud dropping in and  out. Not really ideal, but jump the competitors did.

And the winner – Local international star, Russ Henshaw, Jindabyne, 2nd Noah Robinson, Canada, 3rd – Beau Wells,  4th – Sam Ruttiman, 5th – Jordan Houghton, Jindabyne

Some pictures of what it was all about.

Thredbo sign poles

One Hit Wonder Time


One hit wonder Thredbo


Sometimes things don’t go quite right


Close to the action


Winning style-


Airborne in Thredbo -One hit wonder

one hit high good

Not a bad view from up there, I’m told!


Twists and turns at 50 klicks !


Jump between gusts !!


One wonder style


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